हाम्रो बारेमा

 Radio Dharan 88.8 Mhz



We cannot imagine the development of our society without effective role of media. Media plays an important role for the development of any particular nation because media is the only way to share information to mass people at a time. Our life and technology is changing day by day and there has been increasing number of different kinds of media.

Nepal is a developing country. In the context of Nepal where there prevails geographical difficulties, poverty and low literacy rate radio plays an important role for sharing information and entertainment. Television can be costly and electricity is the only option to watch television which can be the greatest hindrances for people to have information via television. In this context radio can be easy means of mass media. 


Radio Dharan 88.8 Mhz. started its broadcast from 23rd of Ashad, 2069 (7th July, 2012) with a group of energetic youths actively involved in the field of industry, business, health sector, education and media as the response for social contribution. The station of Radio Dharan is situated in Dharan-13, Zero Point, Janaki Path. With its advanced infrastructure Radio Dharan has coverage to the areas of Sunsari, Morang (Biratnagar), Jhapa, Udaypur, Siraha, Saptari, Dhankuta adjoining areas of Jogbani (India), Farbisgung (India) and Bihar (India).


Radio Dharan has been broadcasting it's shows 16 hrs a day. With the capacity of 1 hundred Watt, Radio Dharan can be heard at 88.8 megahertz through F.M. band.


It is a non-governmental, non-political and non-religious organization. To make valuable contribution in various aspects of social development and to direct youths to positive attitude and social service has been the main purpose of forming the organization.

Influential Area

            Sunsari, Morang (Biratnagar), Jhapa, Udaypur, Siraha, Saptari, Dhankuta, Jogbani (India), Farbisgung (India), Bihar (India) will be benefited.





Youth Radio

Youth generally refers to a time of life that is neither childhood nor adulthood but rather somewhere in-between. According to World Health Organization (WHO) “youth is defined as any member of society between the ages of 15 and 34.” Youth are referred as the pillar of nation. These days’ youths have been more concerned for social and cultural development and its enhancement. So, we being youth thought about to support the youth activities via mass media. 

Radio Dharan 88.8 Mhz is a musical youth radio. Youth radio in a sense that this radio has been owned by group of energetic youths actively involved in the field of industry, business, health sector, education, media and shows of Radio Dharan will be hosted by youths.



  • To preserve and flourish social, cultural and environmental aspects of the society and country.
  • To play a major role in sharing the native languages of purwanchal and whole country to the targeted listeners.
  • To be a mediator in sharing information from public to government and vice versa.
  • To make a valuable contribution in the development of religion, education, literature, health, environment, science and technology, women, children and youth, agriculture, industry and market of local and national level.
  • To be the voice of voiceless.
  • To encourage youths in various creative activities that helps in the development of society.
  • To drive youths towards optimism and society towards development.
  • To develop the personality and thinking of youths.
  • To increase brotherhood, love and support in between youths in order to make a happy and developed society for human to live.
  • To provide suitable platforms for all the youths to show their skills.
  • To flourish various ideas among the youths towards positive attitude.
  • To aware all the citizens to contribute in all round development of the country.



Radio Dharan 88.8 Mhz is a musical youth radio. The shows in Radio Dharan will mostly be hosted by youths covering all areas from language to culture to education, religion, literature, health, environment, science and technology, women, children and youth, agriculture, industry, market and government as well. 75% shows on Radio Dharan will be related to infotainment where there will be information and entertainment and other remaining 25% will be related to public service which will help in the development of people, society and the whole nation.

We will also be making links and co-ordination with different other radio of our country for news and different other shows that will directly benefit the listeners of whole purwanchal. We will also link satellite radio broadcast programs.

Targeted Listeners

Our influential area is divided into urban, sub-urban and remote area. Similarly our influential area is also divided according to social, cultural, lingual, educational and religious level. We have tried to influence the listeners of all areas of our influential area by preparing and broadcasting different shows that fits in all our influential areas. 50% of our shows will influence urban areas, 25% of our shows will influence sub-urban areas and other remaining 25% of our shows will influence remote areas. Our primary listeners are youths and our secondary listeners are children and adults.



Radio Dharan 88.8 Mhz.


Data Details


1. Site Details

            District - Sunsari

            Zone – Koshi

            Municipality – Dharan


2. Technical Details

            Name of the commercial radio – Radio Dharan

            Transmitting station location – Ward no-13, Zero Point, Janaki Path

            Transmitting capacity – 100 Watt

            Area of coverage – 80 to 100 Km

            Hours of transmitting – 24 hrs


            Radio Dharan is operated in 100 Watt transmitting station which is operated by a city supply and back-up supply. The height of the transmitting antenna is 100 ft above the ground level. Station building is 910 sq. ft. concrete structure and the size of on-air studio and control room is 210 sq. ft. These rooms will be accommodated in transmitting station building. For recording purpose, one production room is planned in order to produce programs and advertisement.

             For this radio the necessary number of technicians is stationed at the transmitting station. The transmitter operation is manual which have to be switched on and off. Selection of input programs is also operated manually. In order to increase the reliability of the transmitter system full air condition system is adapted for cooling the transmitter and other broadcasting equipment. The electric power is supplied from city power line 50Hz (220V AC). The power for the program production equipment, for control room, studio and transmitting room are stabilized through an automatic voltage regulator (AVR) in considering the variation of voltage. The total cost of the contraction for the radio is 25 lakh (in nepali rupees) which includes transmitter, battery and UPS, tower and antenna.


            System – FM broadcasting system

            Transmitting station power – 100 Watt

            UPS/Battery/ Generator – For stand-by power supply

            Antenna mast type – Triangular type

            Type of antenna – Omni-directional

            Regulator – Automatic Voltage Regulator (AVR)